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The lesson for all the guys reading this: work together, and listen to your wife! My wife was born into a Hindu family in Gujarat, India, and moved to Montreal at the age of These ingredients made for a very interesting union and ceremony. My favorite part was our adaptation of the Jewish ketubah wedding contract. This is traditionally a legalistic document signed before the wedding, but we made ours a part of the ceremony. We replaced the legalistic text with our own vows, read them aloud, and signed them in front of everyone who came to celebrate with us.

Then we invited our parents and close friends to sign as witnesses, asking them to hold us accountable to our commitments. The whole thing was turned into a work of art by my artist friend Richard Rossetto. Here are the vows that my wife and I wrote together:. To be responsible and act responsibly towards each other, and to build a safe and supportive home.

To turn towards each other in good times and bad, to listen, talk, and cultivate mutual admiration. To be best friends, companions, lovers and confidantes… imperfect halves making a perfect whole. It was magical indeed!

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That was only the second wedding I was attending, and I really enjoyed myself. The ceremony was very interesting, there was dancing, delicious food and great people. Time just flew by. Congratulations to the happy couple! It sounds like you had a wonderful wedding, a wonderful time getting everything prepared more or less , and a wonderful experience overall. Exactly how everyone would want it.

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It really was wonderful, and even the bumps along the road of preparations were valuable, and taught us a lot about how to work together. Danny, congratulations again. You should copyright that.

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I think you made the right choice by doing everything yourself. Thanks, Eugene! Yeah, it is funny and sad. Congratulations Danny! It all means more this way! All the best! Congratulations, Danny, I love the term Hin-Jew, too. Marriage is wonderful and I had 33 great years with my late husband.

You will hit bumps in the road, as all couples do, but marriage is for the long haul, involving compromise and commitment — with a heavy dose of love. Thank you, Jeannette! Mazaltov Dany from Israel. All the best. Happy new year! Gmar Hatima tova. Danny — enjoyed the wedding details, felt like I was there. Regarding building the wedding canopy: dont you have a new appreciation for those people on Survivor who are given a machete and a tropical jungle, and told to build something in an afternoon that 10 people can sleep in, AND stay dry?

Congrats to you both, it sounds magical. I love the Hin-Jew word, I think it makes you smile as you read it. Wishing you both lots of happiness and joy. Thank you for sharing it.

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Wish you the best forever! Peace and Light to you and yours! Danny, It is so lovely that you shared the details of the most intimate day of your life with your online followers. And people are drawn to that kind of generous confidence. There is something deeply meaningful and symbolic about building the huppah. It is honoring to your individual and combined ancestry.

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It provided, literally, a shelter for you and your wife as you started your new life together. It says far more than I think you realize. My wife appreciated the thought, just not the execution — and to be fair, I could have asked for help sooner in the process. Danny, what a beautiful, heart-felt wedding. I absolutely appreciate how involved you were in the planning and can only imagine what it must have been like for your wife to see you literally at work for your special day.

I wish you both the best, of course! Hi, I really enjoyed reading about your wedding, seeing the invitation and hearing your experience. How beautiful, to share that with all of us. Every marriage is a brave risk — and I hope yours is a super successful, warm, loving, prosperous union!

Thank you Danny and Bhoomi! A beautiful story. May God richly bless your marriage and keep it long and happy! The whole event, and all we learned about each other, is still fresh in my mind. Any customs or import duties charged on delivery are solely the responsibility of the customer. Please allow additional shipping time for deliveries to exceptional locations that are hard to reach, and also during busy periods such as Christmas. All carriers deliver during normal business working hours and may require a signature on receipt, so please ensure your order is delivered to an address where someone will be available to accept it.

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