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Now she is introducing a new paradigm to the worlds of agriculture and nutrition by going Beyond Organic to Nutrition Grown in the quest for the best food ever. Now Dr. Bogs suggests it might be about 'nourishing people. I'm not talking here about the insignificant 20 percent more nutrient density that the organic farming industry claims their fruits and vegetables have when compared to conventionally grown stuff; I'm talking about to percent more nutritional content, which is possible to achieve by going beyond what most people think of as 'organically grown.

Jana Bogs, a soil-health consultant working in Hawaii. Her book Beyond Organic. Growing for Maximum Nutrition and Flavor will make you stand up and demand nutrient-dense food.

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The BFA research team uses a sophisticated tool to determine the levels of many different types of nutrients and minerals with a single scan. The tool is currently limited in availability, but BFA is developing a custom calibration and plans to make it widely available.

The research team is sifting through and organizing a century of research, observation, and correlation related to crop quality and farming practices. They are beginning a survey of crop quality in five regions of the U.

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More information can be found at their website. Developing Quality Standards.

Farm Crop Quality Trials. Development of a Bionutrient Meter.

The Soil and Health Library, maintained by Steve Solomon, has more than a hundred classic agricultural texts available for free download. Soil and Health Library. Albrecht, William.


Soil Fertility and Animal Health. Carter and Dale. Topsoil and Civilization. Elliot, Robert.

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The Clifton Park System of Farming. Hopkins, Donald. Chemicals, Humus and the Soil. Howard, Louise. Sir Albert Howard In India.

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Howard, Albert. Farming and Gardening For Health or Disease. The Waste Products of Agriculture, etc. Jenny, Hans. Factors Of Soil Formation. Krasilnikov, N. Soil Microorganisms and Higher Plants. Smith, J. Tree Crops. Tiedjens, Victor. More Food From Soil Science. This book is based on hard scientific research, most of which has been conducted outside of the United States, where food production lobbies have fought hard against this kind of research.

Pawlick exposes an alarming trend in the food available in our grocery stores. This is not an argument about unhealthy, processed foods, rather it exposes the problems with all foods, including fruits and vegetables that people commonly assume are healthy.

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Jana Bogs. Those areas are basically all rock with an underlying caliche clay, a hole in it, filled with water will take 3 day to drain away. I'm using the Logan Lab for soil testing. They test for a number of trace elements, including selenium a deficiency of which causes star gazing in new born animals, extreme infertility and early fetal deaths. An excess is toxic , my soil has enough, probably because I use a lot of manure from animals that are supplemented.

But I"m low in cobalt, boron, manganese and iron. Here's what I expect to see happen. Next years garden does super, with less insect issues. A soil test next Sep will show higher mineral levels, perhaps even higher than to be expected for the amount of minerals added. Like adding some minerals will help grow more biology which will help unlock anything that is there but tied up. But the soil is so deficient I need more than the maximum recommended amounts. So, I am adding those amounts this year. Without biology I'd expect next years soil test to still show an extreme deficiency, but maybe the biology will bump up and release more of them, so that next years test shows only a moderate deficiency or none at all.

Does that make sense? I know the tests are limited, but it's a starting point for me, a guideline to point me in the right direction because I've been here 30 years piling on compost and manure and the trees are still stunted and the cukes still die after the first flush of fruit , IF they live that long, the tomatoes , squash and other things only yeild about half what they perhaps could. And everything shows the iron deficiency, even where the soil pH tests 7.

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Bryant RedHawk. How are you for calcium? Also, maybe you should try a test plot where you douse it with vinegar. That might correct pH in the short-term, and change the caliche into something more soil-like. Even 7. That might be some of the cause of your die-off issues. Police line, do not cross. Well, this tiny ad can go through:. Boost this thread! Annual "perennials" and crop rotation.