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Seeing a changed land in the back of a mirror Last May, I returned to Ireland where I had lived on and off for years in the distant past. Needless to say, the country was changed and, in places, destroyed, but, as I walked miles and miles over remembered routes, one detail began to preoccupy me. It was the disappearance of the raw wooden backs of mirrors or looking glasses, That said, the online version at www. Ellis plays with negative space not the letter itself but the space around the letter to illustrate concepts important in the art and design world.

First comes the piano, keys striking at the ineffable point where classical music meets jazz, blues, and pop. Then the voice, deep and searching, taking ownership of the words, whether they are Leonard Cohen or George Gershwin, traditional spiritual or original composition. Dollars and change Looking for some advice you can really take to the bank?


While we never meet her, we come to know intimately her parents and neighbors, her enemies and allies, as Li, with exquisite subtlety A study of Forster, more flat than round At 90, Frank Kermode is the doyen of literary critics. Criticism may have seen better days, but Kermode, a fixture on the pages of the London Review of Books, still produces steadily.

But there are far worse literary The mildest dabbling in sex, drugs, or rock and roll - the bread and butter They were rich in human detail and, despite their austere subject, moved with considerable animation.

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The qualities that elevated and steered his nonfiction - clarity, a love of small, personal details, humor Jerry Fodor, a well-known philosopher, with coauthor Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini, a cognitive scientist, has written a whole book trashing Darwinian evolutionary theory - the theory that makes natural selection the main force of change in organisms through the ages. Portrait captures the greatness of Willie Mays as a player Willie Mays, the baseball hall-of-famer, is 78 now.

Because he arrived in the major leagues at 19 and quickly became a blazing star for the New York Giants, because his style of play was so exuberant and charged with youthful energy, because his hitting and fielding and running gifts seemed superhuman, it is difficult to imagine Mays aging, slowed by Leslie Larson gives an year-old assisted living resident an unforgettable voice: caustic, profane, searingly honest. Heather Terrell imagines the life of St.

Brigid of Kildare. The target readers are 9- and year-olds, but the book deserves a broader audience. A snowflake researcher at Caltech, Libbrecht is as enthusiastic about science as he is about the beautiful photographs he takes Anne D. No one will be denied participation. Voice of experience Michael Palmer of Swampscott has been an emergency room physician and a drug addict. As part of his recovery decades ago, he wrote a novel at his kitchen table.

This superb political thriller depicts England in the near future as a place Britannic crossing the North Atlantic. It was a tossup, so to speak, as to which made me feel worse, the hideous seas or the epic itself. A taste for gunmen on the grassy knoll In late I was thrust headlong into one of the most infamous episodes in American history: the conspiracy to commit and cover up the assassination of John F.

Violence, Colonialism and Empire in the Modern World

For several decades Arthur Schlesinger Jr. After retirement Schlesinger retained his office, just down the hall from mine. The lady and the tiger Which is more revealing: the mundane action we repeat every day, or our response to an extraordinary event that will never come again? Anyone familiar with the work of T. Boyle already knows his answer: crisis all the way. Author readings and book signings in Greater Boston Feb. It is estimated that such works account for no more than 3 percent of the American book market.

Perhaps the greatest generation Was it something in the water? From the Arctic to the Milky Way, from Alice Walker says goodbye to her friend Howard Zinn On hearing the news of his death. Me: Howie, where did you go? Author readings and book signings in Greater Boston, Feb. New England Poetry Club members read love poems, 7 p. A struggling postmodern filmmaker who visits the academic in his desert retreat to enlist him as the subject of a documentary.

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Hide in plain sight The British journalist Peter Forbes has produced a colorful look at camouflage in nature and battle, with a focus on the two world wars. He chatted with locals as he ran errands. With his new bride, Clara, by his side, he anticipates serving king and country with honor and valor. Godwin masterfully evokes a Catholic girlhood in the 20th century through the lens of Mount St. You smell the incense, taste the First a blinding flash When the test bomb, code-named Trinity, was detonated in the New Mexico desert, physicist Richard Feynman did a victory dance with his bongo drums.

The thrust of Her subsequent books - a second collection, two novels, and a nonfiction book on transsexuals - explore the workings Tinker, tailor, writer, spy For a brief, heady time, World War II transformed a generation of British scribblers into spies, code breakers, intelligence analysts, agents provocateurs, and propagandists.

Making the rest of the world crazy Americans are a generous people. We donate riches to needy countries.

We send our troops abroad. It opens with a train bombing in Amsterdam. The collateral damage of a nearby postal truck scatters mail across the scene of the blast.

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Among the debris is an unmarked packet containing an undamaged DVD. A girlhood in war-torn Ethiopia Maaza Mengiste was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and left that country when she was four years old, after the communist revolution of forced Emperor Haile Selassie from power. An aspiring Hollywood star Drawing on the past For all the years that Randy Susan Meyers counseled male batterers, there was one question that stuck with her.

Yet Meyers knew that violence in the home reverberates beyond the dark of night. Electrical signals pulse between millions of those long, slender cells, as though through the microprocessors in a computer, and bingo - we see; we think; we fall in love. The decision was reversed, but the director was let go and the staffing cut, discomfiting the art world.

His follow-up arrives as one of the most anticipated books of the year. Oates has worked in this mode before and knows well how to manipulate her familiar characters and stock situations. Imagine you could take the bus to a restaurant where you knew that, without fail, the stars of the art scene held court at night and that someday, given the right clothes and glances, you would be A Dickensian fairy-tale Have you heard of glass delusion? King Charles VI of France suffered from it. Cervantes and Descartes wrote about it. For unknown reasons, the malady faded away around the end of the 17th century.

In a newborn millennium with more than enough fresh forms of From foreign lands into the English lexicon Who knew that the words seersucker, khaki, and taffeta originated in Persia? Or how about the lowly origins of poodle? Examining the twists and turns that words take over time can be entertaining as A fragmented meditation on lifelong obsessions and conflicts In his latest book, the puer aeternus Sam Shepard suddenly becomes old.

Bold quest to resolve mysteries of the artist Titian falls short A book about the life of the greatest painter who ever lived - a man who lived in 16th century Venice and was a favorite of popes and kings, a friend of writers and poets - ought to be a rollicking read. So much the better if this book dispenses with the obfuscations of traditional art history, all those endless Three audiobooks published toward the end of provide sadly uneven results.

And Barbara Delinsky proves once again a perceptive observer of family relations, delivering a If Norman Jordan photographs objects such as SUVs or plastic bottles, then digitally reproduces them by the thousands to represent a statistic. Jordan mimics a pointillist Reading ranks Boston hung on at number eight as Pittsburgh and Portland, Ore.

And Bill Simmons achieves bulk the hard way; there is a lot of small print, because he has a thing for footnotes.


Humanity, glorious and vile The origins of life, humans bent on logic, political strife, the little disturbances that make us itch, and family dysfunction preoccupy the best recent graphic novels. Despite great differences in style and attitude, all delight in presenting fresh ways of seeing the world. Belmont shop closing As of Jan. Neither will have a general-interest bookstore in its town center.

A blissful war refugee ignites a media circus When Russell Stone, in the course of teaching a creative nonfiction class, encounters a year-old Berber Algerian refugee who has seen much hardship, he is struck by her disturbingly luminous and blissful presence. James Approaching 90, P. James is the undisputed grande dame of the modern murder mystery. As it turns out, she is a scholar of the murder mystery as well. Fans of her poet-protagonist Inspector Adam Dalgliesh should feel no disappointment that her latest book is not a detective novel but a literary-critical Tritone photographs highlight simple yet elegant architectural details.

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In his latest autobiography, J. Coetzee delivers a meditation on the limits of art - and himself It seems churlish to complain about a J. Coetzee novel being cold. Because you know it will be cold; this is one of the givens of a Coetzee novel. As such, you should begin one of his books the way you would prepare, mentally, for a stay in one of those ice hotels in Quebec, or wherever: You will not, The first two ghosts were not, in my view, roaring successes, being more irksome than uncanny.