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They say dating is dying, but I say once you have dated and gotten together, it should be allowed to bite the dust. The biggest problem with this marriage ritual is also its main selling point.

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It is planned well ahead of time, so both parties can fit the night of prescribed hilarity into their busy schedules. But guess what?

In those carefree times my wife and I did not make far-in-advance dinner dates where there was an undue amount of pressure to have fun. Date night regresses your relationship right back to the courtship phase, a time where dates were just as likely to be filled with nauseating nervousness and pressure as they were with lust and passion. I then continued to worry.

If we could not have fun on date night then what had become of us, it was clearly all over; we were no longer capable of dinner and drinks, it was relationship Armageddon did I mention I obsess? While I made up weekly schedules detailing our post-divorce child-sharing arrangements we had another event come up out of the blue.

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An outdoor gig seeing the band The National. I was despondent as we had not been to a gig together in ages and the last one was not a success.

We hope you enjoy and please feel free to let us know what you think of our posts covering everything from date nights tips to celebrity weddings, guaranteed to be full of romance and of course love, laughs and lust Happy Dating! It is true though that you fell in lo It's time to get out your best frock and tuxedo, grab some c Whether your love has just blossomed or you've been together so long it's started to grow roots, dat This month sees an exciting new addition to our date night boxes.

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