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Heireman, Tentoonstelling Dirk Martens: , Alost. Champier was in Italy three times: in , in and in During his last travel he spent some time at Pavia, where he was admitted to the 'collegium artistarum et medicorum'. The speech by Pietro Antonio Rustico, lecturer on logic and medicine, held on that occasion and printed toward the end of the volume, shows how proud Champier was about this honor. Rustico also alludes to Champier's family-ties in Italy, which he sees in the Campeggi families of Bologna and Pavia. At the end of the speech Rustico enumerates and praises the hitherto books published by Champier, important as an early bibliography.

The main part of the volume consists of a 'epistolary duel' with Girolamo da Pavia, an Augustinian monk from Asti, with whom he had for five years an intensive correspondence through the Lyonese publisher Balthazar de Gabiano cf. Ijsewijn, eds. He also sees in many Italian writers detractors moved only by jealousy and malice and mentions Valla, Merula, Poggio, Pico and Girolamo Balbo. Fierce of his Lyonnais origins he praises the antique origins of his native city on the authority of Berosus, which however was rightly questioned by Girolamo da Pavia cf.

The volume contains furthermore various letters by Champier to others, e. But the book also contains letters addressed to Champier, mainly from other scholars and physicians, among them Alessandro Benedetti and Robert Cockburn, bishop of Ross cf. MacDonald, et al. The volume closes with Catalogus preceptorum, patronorum, familarium et auditorum, in which Champier lists his teachers, patrons, friends and students. The few libraries, which hold a copy of this work and the few scholars who mentions it in their articles, all pretend the work to be printed either at Basel or at Venice.

They even printed another work containing letters by Champier Duellum epistolare see J. Baudrier, Bibliographie lyonnaise, VI, Lyon, , p. Symphorien Champier, was born into a bourgeois family at Saint-Symphorien-sur-Croise, near Lyon and studied at the University of Paris before , when he matriculated at the medical school of Montpellier, which granted him his doctorate in He taught liberal arts in Grenoble and took a doctorate in theology in In he was appointed physician to Antoine Duke of Lorraine, who brought him to Nancy.

Champier followed the duke several time to Italy, where he was involved in the battles of Agnadello and Marignano During his stays in Italy he won recognition as an academic teacher from the University of Pavia. In he became an alderman in Lyon, and for the last twenty years of his life he was at the center of the cultural Renaissance of that city, while simultaneously promoting the study of medicine by helping to found the College of the Holy Trinity and sponsoring translations of, and writing commentaries on, the works of Hippocrates and Galen.

In the s he was involved in a controversy on the merits of Greek and Arab medicine with the German physician Lorenz Fries and also with the botanist Leonhard Fuchs. Defensio pro Symphoriano Campeggio Champier became more and more hostile to Arabic medicine and in Clysteriorum campi contra Arabum this work was ironically put by Rabelais in his library of Saint-Victor , he even goes so far to advise his readers to refrain from reading the Arabs. With over fifty titles to his credit, Champier was a very prolific author, editor and compiler.

His most important writings were in medicine, pharmacy, philosophy, and occultism, but he also worked in theology, history, biography, genealogy, poetry, patristics, and many other fields. From all sides this serried band of doctors made such inroads into the camp of the barbarian that, wherever they stood, no place was left to the enemy' cf. Allut, Etude biographique sur Symphorien Champier, Lyon, , pp.

Baudrier, Bibliographie Lyonnaise, vol. Description Von den Ausserlichen Kennzeichen der Fossilien. Leipzig: Siegfried Lebrecht, With 8 folding plates.

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Contemporary half-calf over boards. Publisher Siegfried Lebrecht. Publisher Imago. Date of theft: Mars-avril Authors Johannes Magnus. Description Vellum. Publisher Ioannem de Mariam. Date of theft: Description Reliure plein maroquin bleu nuit. Date of theft: Salon Paris. Authors Melville. Description Faded royal blue volume housed in a protective beige colored box or jacket with a black band on the spine against which the title was embossed in gold or silver lettering. The container was clearly of more recent vintage than the volume perhaps midth century.

Inside the box there was a program from a centennial commemoration of the publishing of Moby Dick that took place at the Princeton University Library. Also, on either the inside front cover or the first right hand page, the following was inscribed in pencil: No.

Date of theft: between February 6, and February 17, Authors Mattioli, Pietro Andrea. Description The celebrated edition with the large woodcuts very splendidly coloured by a contemporary hand. Bound in 2 volumes, 18th century full calf with gilt labels. In very good general condition. Publisher F.

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Authors Euclid. Description [Elements. Erhardus Ratdolt, Publisher Erhardus Ratdolt. Date of theft: 4 February Authors Cary, John.

Description Cary, John: Cary's new and correct English atlas : being a new set of county maps from actual surveys. London, printed for John Cary, Publisher printed for John Cary. Leipzig, Peter Conrad Monath, Bound in contemporary half vellum. With old notations on first endpaper with a list of other books on the subject. Titlepage and the first page with insignificant waterstains at the edge, else a very clean and attractive copy of this rare book.

Publisher Peter Conrad Monath. Date of theft: June Authors Various authors. Description We have been informed that a few days after we visited a house near Woodstock in Oxfordshire to assess a collection that the house was burgled and books among other things taken. None were especially valuable - all were in poor condition - but they may turn up around the trade and enable a thief to be caught. Also a few volumes by classic illustrators Rackham, Dulac , some facsimiles of illuminated manuscripts, and opera programmes.

There may additionally be some general secondhand books on art history or printing. Equationes domorum celi. Horam nati in utero matris cum quondam tractatu nativitatum utili ac oranto Authors Engel Johann. Description Blue morocco binding signed " J.

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Faulkner" c. Publisher Erhardi Ratdolf Augustinensis. Date of publication: vigesimo septimo Kalendas Novembris Date of theft: betweeen july 1 and august 31 Plus la dioptrique. Les meteores et la geometrie. Description Original bound in brown calf, covers framed by border p.

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Publisher Ian Mairie. Cum adiuncta dissertatione de nuncio sidereo nuper ad mortales misso.


Authors Kepler Johann. Description Bound with Kepler Johann, Dissertatio cum nuncio sidereo Florentiae and Wooderbonios Ioannes, Quatuor problematum Patavii Limp vellum binding with case. Publisher Apud Cosmum Iunctam. Authors Aselli Gaspare. Description Bound in nut-brown calf, covers framed by gilt border. Publisher Apud Io. Baptam [sic!

Authors Newton Isaac. Description One leaf document.

Front A: printed document, containing added handwritten names and numerical sum, in english Front B: handwritten text signed by Isaac Newton and Hopton Hayn, in english December 24th, Augustae Vindelicorum sumptibus. Authors Lambert Johann Heinrich. Description Contemporary cartonnage. Pp,[16], , [13]; 8 tav. Authors Vico Giambattista.