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Building a Scala Project with Ant Types Introduction Using Duck Typing Structural Types Make Mutable Collections Invariant Make Immutable Collections Covariant The biggest advantage of this book is in PDF format on your HDD its very easy to find solutions to problems by searching by keyword instead of having to dig through out of date blog posts indexed by Google. Like most O'Reilly cookbooks you don't have to read this title cover to cover if you scan it and know what's inside. By Cyril on Sep 06, Net programmer transitioning into scala and functional programming and this book helped a great deal learning about the language, Examples are so easy to understand and coverage on OOP especially Traits and functional programming concepts were awesome.

By Alvin on Sep 01, This is an indispensable reference. Starting to learn a new language like Scala can be a bit taxing on memory after learning so many features, but this book alleviates that issue by allowing you to quickly re-learn or remember a particular Scala feature. It is also looks complete, it covers everything essential.

Don't forget to download the bonus chapters for free. By Richard Dvorak on Jul 01, A useful reference book whose reading will also take you from the beginner to an intermediate level. By Andrew Jonca on Jun 07, I chose the highest rating for the following reasons: a the content fully justifies the title cookbook recipes : all recipes there are illustrated with lucid and relevant pieces of code.

You can't use the book to begin studying Scala - you have to be introduced to the language by some systematic approach first.

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But, if you already read about Scala just a little, and used it just a little, then it is a very useful reference book and also text enriching your horizons. By Kevin on May 09, A nice reference to use when getting into the language.

It succeeds at being a fine cookbook which is exactly what it is. Good material, but the typefaces are all halftone instead of solid black! Very distracting.

By Simon Thornington on Mar 16, I don't know how this got past the editors, or whether they are deliberately trying to save "ink", but all the fonts are halftone, as if they were naively typeset from colored originals, rather than black and white. It's incredibly distracting to read, so much so that I am tempted to return the book. The actual material is good though. By Mgustav on Oct 15, Helped me a lot in learning scala.

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All recipes are very concise and in reasonable depth. By Mpez0 on Dec 27, Excellent resource for Scala programming. Useless as a textbook or tutorial; invaluable as a reference. Get this to help you get past slight changes to online tutorials or basic books. By Abhishek Srivastava on May 31, If you are serious about learning Scala, then this book is worth its weight in gold.

ISBN 13: 9781449339616

I read this book cover to cover and absolutely loved it. I absolutely love the way the author has written this book and how thoroughly he covers the topics. By Ramin on Nov 27, I've been reading lots of Scala books lately. This cookbook is exactly what I needed to tell me what the Scala way of things are. Do not expect to learn the language from this book or do not expect to have a deep discussion about Scala's advance features.

As the title suggests this book is packed with recipes for day to day programming the Scala way. By Christopher Murphy on Dec 03, Practical recipes. Exactly what is needed for a first book on this language. Some of the more academic stuff of other languages can be left till later.

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I won't give any programming book 5 stars unless it talks about managing package dependencies. I haven't read this book to the end, but it doesn't appear to. But very good explanations, for example which collections to use when. By Misja Alma on Jul 24, This is a great book for when you know a little bit Scala already, but you're looking for some best practices and practical solutions when building an application. The book is more of a reference manual than a reading book.

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It consists of a large number of practical problems and their solutions. But what I liked is that for every topic there is not only a solution, but also a paragraph called 'discussion' which goes a little deeper into the subject. One could wonder why one would need such a book if you could just Google your question and find the answers on the Internet. But the trouble with that approach is that, in particular for Scala, for each problem there are many possible ways to solve it.

And some of them might not be good practice, might be deprecated or just plain wrong. This book gives solid answers, teaches about best practices and tries to tell you where to apply to solution and where not. By Messimessimessi on Nov 19, Im a big fan of Alvin Alexander's blogposts where he illustrates how to do basic tasks in scala and are some of the first to appear in most search enginers. I purchased the book both out of solidarity and support for his work as well as a general curiosity for what the book would offer.

I was not disappointing.

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The book presents common tasks and illustrates how to do them properly in scala often times using functional programming. Unlike the classic Odersky book, this book has more to offer as it really focuses on solving problems that a developer can face on an everyday basis. He also created devdaily. See All Customer Reviews.

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Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Save time and trouble when using Scala to build object-oriented, functional, and concurrent applications.