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Get e-book Second Skin (Bello)

The PicoSure Laser delivers a shorter pulse of energy—in the pico-second range, rather than the nano-second range used by other lasers—making it safer, faster, and more effective. It breaks up pigments and ink particles using powerful shock waves, rather than with heat, which means a doctor can treat discolorations more aggressively without having to worry about unwanted side-effects such as burning, scarring, or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

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The Revlite treatment delivers quick, safe, and effective skin smoothing and lightening. It produces laser pulses to break down pigmented lesions into smaller particles without damaging the surrounding normal tissue.

The result? Rejuvenated, brighter, lighter, silky-smooth skin.

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Multiple sessions, spaced 2 weeks apart, are recommended to achieve best results. Through exfoliation and infused serums, the wet and dry dermabrasion helps you attain an even, flawless complexion all over while enhancing skin to make it smooth, supple, and radiant. It combines skin exfoliation to lift away dull, dead cells and a bleaching cream which is applied after to brighten and whiten skin.

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The procedure takes one and a half hours and may be done weekly. Last Thursday, Amazon announced a new climate pledge to reduce its contribution to global warming.

The online retail gia El Ni On Thursday, Facebook announced its intention to provide more interactive advertising on its platform. That means advert Sign in to access your personalized homepage, follow authors and topics you love, and clap for stories that matter to you.

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