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Use Social Media sites such as Facebook or Twitter to update your progress and receive that much-needed encouragement.

The Most Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers

Join a support group on these sites whereby you can share your triumphs and your setbacks. Scientifically proven to help with weight loss is the popular , Weight Watchers plan that offers personal coaching, on-line support and weight watchers meetings. Motivation 2: Do not rely on willpower Willpower alone is not a good weight loss motivation technique all in all.

So yes, try and use a bit of willpower when the need arises but remember making a public commitment and involving your friends, loved ones and colleagues gives you much needed support and encouragement and will increase your chances of success. Go Moose, well done. Wiseman was able to analyze his data on weight loss and concluded that those who chose a celebrity role model , and perhaps put pictures of them around the house to encourage their efforts, did not actually achieve significant weight loss.

How surprising is this? In our celebrity obsessed, photo-shopping culture many of us aspire to our favourite slim and beautiful role model. The problem is that these images only inspire us in the short term to feel good. In the long run when we are struggling against the obstacles of change such images actually are counter productive and can even encourage us to give up assuming that we can never achieve such bodily perfection.

In a series of three studies, scientists found that each individual is motivated by a role model that fits their particular type of thinking. The different thinkers are These types of thinkers are inspired by following a weight loss strategy that fits with their desired outcomes. They will be most inspired by positive role models and the promise of success. Choose a friend who has lost a lot of weight and spend time listening to how they actually achieved it. Whilst on your on-line support group choose a person who has lost a weight and follow their blog, read all their posts and aspire to adopt some of their techniques.

These thinkers favour a motivational strategy of avoiding undesirable outcomes and will be more inspired by negative role models and will be most inspired by avoiding failure. Techniques for Prevention-Focused Role models If you are a prevention-focused thinker then find a realistic person who possibly has given up on their diet and gained more weight to encourage you not to go down that path.

If you do fit into this category, an image of a body perfect celebrity will only hinder your progress.

Reach Your Goals Using A Bullet Journal For Weight loss and Health

Prevention-focused thinkers should try and avoid success stories and stay focused on the very real possibility of failure. Motivation 3: Use Role Models Wisely It is essential that if you are trying to lose weight you first identify whether you respond best to chasing success or avoiding failure and use the strategy that fits your motivational type.

In studies, motivation for weight loss was dramatically improved by finding the correct role model strategy to identify with.

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How to effectively Set Goals for your Weight Loss When planning your goals for weight loss the suggestions that you write down and say to yourself should be very specific. Many of us, when faced with a seemingly insurmountable hurdle have a tendency to become overwhelmed and give up.


This is why you need to break down your plan into effective bite-sized portions, no pun intended! Forget any weight loss aids such as slimming pills, appetite suppressants or supplements, just focus on fat loss over the long term. You should write down the goals that you wish to achieve in a manageable plan. Set out very clearly the main behaviours that you wish to address this will help enormously with successful weight loss.

Oooh, how exciting, do go on Moose.

Key 2 ii Specific and measurable : Keep your goals both specific and measurable. When writing down what you wish to achieve try and avoid generalized statements such as The more specific your statements, the more measurable your success will be. So say:. Motivation 4: Plan your goals in bite-size portions Numerous studies have shown that breaking the major goal down into minor steps is essential for success. Setting specific goals, measuring progress and reviewing outcomes are all techniques that are more likely to lead to weight loss.

Adopt the right mindset

One step at a time, one day at a time.. Anybody trying to change an entrenched daily habit is inevitably going to have to face a setback from time to time. Whilst on the phone, you have opened the fridge and snacked on a couple of pieces of chocolate. Not too serious, but a bit of a set-back. Well, what are you thinking? There are people who over indulge in the Christmas vacations and carry on eating in the same way for the rest of the year. The answer is not to be too harsh on yourself.

The 21 Best Apps for Food Journaling

Be prepared for temptation and setbacks by using the double think techniques discussed earlier. At the earliest opportunity, give yourself a break, allow a little indulgence , forgive yourself immediately and begin again the next day. Do NOT feel guilty. Studies have shown that feeling bad about yourself and feeling guilty after the event leads to a decrease in motivation.

In a very interesting experiment, Claire Adams and Mark Leary , two psychologists, studied a group of women who were trying to lose weight. The women were split into two groups and encouraged to eat donuts and candy. Firstly all the women were given a large donut and a glass of water to make them feel full.

They were encouraged to eat the whole donut. Half of the test group were then given messages to alleviate any feelings of guilt and the other half were left alone. The group that had received guilt-alleviating messages and felt better about the donut eating ate 28 grams of the candy whilst the group who were left to feel guilty ate nearly 70 grams. There have been similar studies that have affirmed the theory that Motivation 5: Give up on Guilt Numerous studies have shown that feeling guilt about our failures and setbacks leads directly to overindulgence and a decrease in motivation. Make the mistake, eat the cupcake, enjoy it, learn from it and move on.

Do not indulge in feeling guilty after the event. No guilt, and remember, one bad meal does not make us fat in the same way as one healthy meal does not make us thin. Find the Right Diet for you Basically if you eat fewer calories; less fats and carbohydrates, plenty of fruit and vegetables and lean meat you will lose weight. The test groups were then split into the following three categories The three groups were given a specifically tailored diet that matched their eating style.

The cravers had an intermittent restricted eating plan the diet , the Feasters were given a high protein , low glycaemic index diet to keep them feeling as full as possible and the Emotional eaters joined a main stream slimming club. To find out which category you fit into take the simple test.

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Here, there and everywhere. You can take the test but you know yourself and your eating habits so choose a diet that gives you the optimum chance of staying on track.

My Fitness Journey - Weight Loss Transformation, Binge Eating, & Body Image Struggle

However, despite your most valiant attempts, the weight is just not coming off, or even worse, you continue to gain weight. How can this be? Yes, a little dash of wine always makes a sauce taste twice as good. I know, sometimes I even put the wine in the food! Lose twice as much weight: The science How can you lose twice as much weight? According to a year long study by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine of obese women, it has been proven that keeping an accurate weight loss diary can help you lose up to twice as much weight and increase your weight-loss motivation.

It is essential that you carry your weight loss journal with you at all times. An old fashioned journal and pen will do the job, or alternatively, there are apps for your smart phones, i-pads or tablets.

Get e-book The Weight-Loss Diaries: Helping Others Lose Weight Through Inspiration and Information

So the weight loss diary must be accessible to you at all times and you must record everything that you eat and drink. Oh Look! Many of us, with our busy lifestyles get distracted and are not aware of just how much we are eating during an average day. Keeping a weight loss diary may also help you achieve your long-term weight loss goals.

Although keeping a food journal may be time consuming and laborious at first it will soon become a useful habit and tool for weight loss.

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Women in the study, who kept a weight loss diary found themselves more accountable for their choices. It can also be useful to record your emotional state each day. If you are aware of your triggers it is easier to avoid your habitual reaction to them. This is a behavior that has often been learnt in childhood and is associated with internal rewards. Motivation 7: Keep a Food Journal Keeping an accurate weight loss diary can help you lose twice as much weight.

This simple technique can reveal hidden calories and eating problems. Be mindful of everything you eat and drink and be aware of your emotional state.